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SHIfT Happens

MONDAYS in February from 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Come take a seat in this 4-week course with Regina Carey, M.Ed. to talk about your feelings of loss, connect with others who are experiencing the same thing, and discover actionable steps you can take to process your shift in life and emerge transformed through this crisis!

Click here to enroll in the SHIfT Happens Program, call or email Regina.

Plyovation™ MasterLeap Program

Plyovator™ Alumni Program
Plyovation™ is based on jump training. You will learn to replace inaction with explorative, confident development. Through each circuit over the six months you will work the program and build on each new strength.

Click here to enroll in the current Plyovation™ MasterLeap Program, call or email Regina.

Get on the Plyovation™ Fall 2021 Waiting List and Prepare to Leap!

The Plyovation™ Methodology is a coming together of plyometrics, which is jump-training, and all the “ations!” Motivation! Innovation! Inspiration! Implementation! Aspiration! Organization! Exploration! It’s taking a LEAP and witnessing the amazing RESULTS of that action.

Plyovation™ Training is for women who are ready to live from a heart-centered space and share their gifts with the world. The goal of this work is to reduce heart disease by living passionately; increase happiness by making healthier decisions; and healing ourselves so we are able to heal others. Make no mistake – Plyovation™ is a MOVEMENT in my mission to leave the world better than I found it – one Plyovator™ at a time!

The Plyovation™ Training Course is 9 months long. It is an intensive once-a-week course, meeting both in-person and online. Students will learn conditioning, strengthening, performance, and recovery techniques from a heart-centered strategy for living an empowered life!

Click here to enroll in the current Plyovation™ Training, call or email Regina. We will schedule a consultation to determine if you are ready to become a Plyovator™ in training!

Does this sound like you?

Overwhelmed… from shape-shifting from having to manage “all of the things”
Alone… are you missing connection?
Frustrated… with the influx of information from webinars to online home schooling
Worried… what will tomorrow bring… and all the thoughts that keep up at night?
Tired… of repeating the pattern of investing programs that don’t stick to?
Stuck… Analysis paralysis and shame because you won’t commit to take the next step