The Carey On Way
Coaching. Consulting. Collaborating. Contributing.


My focus as a coach is on empowerment, support, and engagement during life transitions. I work with women and men – individuals, groups, leaders, college students, women going through divorce, individuals with Invisible Disabilities, and anyone who is ready to make positive changes and move forward!


My experience as a consultant ranges from educational presentations for corporations, institutions, and agencies to observations and recommendations in schools and workplace environments. As a Vendor with Michigan Rehabilitation Services, I coach college students and recent graduates as they transition into the workforce.


Much of my work involves connecting with other professionals to improve client services. Non-profit organizations, therapists, teachers, parents, organizers, and social workers are some of the collaborative relationships I have built over the course of my 25-year career.


The ultimate goal of my work is to make the world a better place by supporting and empowering the people with whom I work. Reaching into the community to add value, encouragement, direction, questions, possibilities, and momentum expands my reach and exponentially increases outcomes.