Dancing through December Holiday meditations

Dancing Through December – Holiday Meditation Series

Let’s learn to dance through the holiday season and enjoy it more than ever before!

The 2020 Holiday Season (some might say the entire year of 2020) calls for positive thinking, relaxation techniques, and some serious stress busting! When I considered what I could offer that will help you the most, I remembered this series I posted on the blog previously. Please enjoy this FREE month-long holiday meditation series, Dancing Through December! Each segment begins on a Monday and follows up with a Friday Reflection.

Consider journaling, sharing with a loved one, or journeying together with a small group to enhance the discussion! Happy Holidays

Introduction to the Series


Monday, Week One – December

Friday, Week One – Reflection

Monday, Week Two – December

Friday, Week Two – Reflection

Monday, Week Three – December

Friday, Week Three – Reflection

Final Meditation of December