Internal Fix

Leadership begins by asking how you can make things better ~ Jeffrey Fry

Most of us are DOers – we thrive from accomplishments and crossing items off the list. There is no threat of boredom because there is always a list. Two obstacles to our success are distractions and exhaustion.

Equating leadership with output assumes that it’s on us to make things happen. When we do it all, everything becomes urgent making it near impossible to complete any one task. When we do it all, our bodies break down more quickly. Before we can ask how we can make things better around us, we must first ask how we can make things better inside us.

Take time to BE instead of do. Ask yourself what you need in this moment to be a good leader – perhaps nourishment with some healthy food? Exercise to relieve stress? Connection with someone you love? Taking a short nap to rest and rejuvenate? Leaders require strength, energy, creativity, and confidence to lift others around them – all of that comes from within.

Make it a strong day!