“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have!

~ Thomas Jefferson

Let’s celebrate the work! Raise a glass to our determination, stick-to-it-ness, and resilience! We throw those darts every day, all day long – some with reckless abandon and others with spot-on accuracy. How we feel about ourselves can determine the driving force behind hitting that bullseye.

Start with our thoughts – what are we thinking? Are we confident in our abilities? Are we saying things that encourage us to move forward? Would we say the same things to one of our friends? Get the language in line with the intention – SUCCESSFUL!

How are we feeling? Are we drinking water? Are we taking care of our bodies? Putting high-quality nutrition into our guts? What about movement? Are we getting good exercise to rid our bodies of stress? Get the body on board – STRONG!

Are we spending time in our strengths? Filling our spirits by connecting with things and people we love? How often do we feel rejuvenated as a result of being a part of something meaningful? Keep the passion behind the work – INSPIRED!

Take a minute to ask yourself how you’re feeling in the areas of mind, body & spirit. It offers a quick insight to how close you’ll come to hitting your mark. If you need a reboot, a jumpstart, or a new way of looking at life, contact me for a consult call!

Make it a strong day!