When You’re Stuck

“ Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Years ago, I stopped praying for patience. I figured out how that worked – ask for it and you are thrown into way too many opportunities to practice it!

What do we do when we are stuck and have no control over how we navigate our life? When we are forced to be patient and compassionate with ourselves? Go berserk? Adopt a victim mindset? Or get creative?

When I awoke from my recent knee surgery, I discovered it was the “more complicated” of the two options going in. My pre-op positive attitude turned sour immediately. The outcome meant six weeks of non-weightbearing existence. No driving. Crutches. And reliance on other people to help me do everything I used to do with my eyes closed. (Insert some profanity, unpleasant facial expressions, and tears here.) Stuck.

After one week post-op, I have learned that some semblance of a routine is vital to my sanity. Three things change starting today:

  1. Complete physical therapy exercises when I wake up, at noon, and again in the afternoon to ensure proper healing.
  2. Take one measurable step toward writing my new book to stimulate creativity.
  3. Navigate the house using crutches 3 times a day to improve strength.

I share this for accountability. I trust there is someone else out there who is stuck and in need of ideas for a new perspective. Sharing our struggles is as important as announcing our successes. This new kind of struggle is an opportunity for me to perk up and lean in. I’m ready to learn what I can do with this time, and, more importantly, who I can become!

Make it a strong day!