Old News

Surprise comes from defying expectations. ~Seth Godin

Not much surprises us anymore. Not the headlines or social media or the contents of our mailboxes – we can count on bills. There was a time when the newspaper told us what to expect from our televisions; they even broke it down between Network and Cable! At what point did the public stop expecting to see a television preview? Did we even notice that it stopped?

It might be time to start asking what we are still expecting from areas in our lives? From ourselves? From our relationships? From our professions? Drop what’s NOT working. Add something NEW! Surprise YOURSELF and make a change.

One way to dance with life is to move with it instead of making silly attempts to slow it down, reverse it, or pretend that it’s still the 1990’s. Embrace the opportunities that are knocking at the door. Open up. Say yes. Move forward. Be surprised!

Make it a strong day!