When I Have Time…

“You may delay, but time will not” ~Benjamin Franklin

I will always remember asking my Dad a question about taking a family trip in early June 2000 and his haunting response: “Let’s see what July 1st brings.” He died July 1, 2000. 56 years young. Dad wasn’t one to put things off. He accomplished a lot in his life, but when it came to relationships, family events, or obligatory social functions, he would rather be completing a home project or cruising the lake in his boat. Dad made time for things he could start and finish – things at which he could be successful.

It’s easy to put off the unknown, like anything that includes interacting with other human beings. Or avoiding something we’re not sure we’ll complete, like learning an instrument or different language. Or even spending time alone – there’s no telling what you might find out!

What makes us think we have more time? All the time? Enough time? Make a list of the top 3 things you’ve been saying you’ll do when you “have time” and take a small step toward accomplishing them – making the call, seeing the person, traveling to that place, spending time with a significant other, or learning something new.

Start TODAY, because we don’t “have time;” time has us.

Make it a strong day!