Worms Along the Way

“It was the day of the worms. That first almost-warm, after-the-rainy-night day in April, when you bolt from your house to find yourself in a world of worms…the sidewalks, the streets. The very places where they didn’t belong. Forlorn, marooned on concrete and asphalt, no place to burrow, April’s orphans.” ~ Jerry Spinelli

Worms. As a child, they terrified me – everything about their sidewalk invasion. Their movements, their smell, their slime, their impending doom – it made me dizzy. For a very long 45 years, the spring rains have meant one thing – WORMS!

The fears we experience as children can linger for a very long time. At what point do we decide “enough’s enough!”? What idea, belief, response, or fear are you still hanging onto that is no longer serving you? Take some time to sit with it, notice it, journal about it, forgive it, and make the decision to let it go. It no longer has to be a part of your story.

The worms are no longer IN my way; they are simply a part of it. I can choose to walk around them or pick an entirely different path. I have that power. And so do you.

Make it a strong day!