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A women’s lifestyle coach is anything but average. In fact, being a lifestyle coach is more work than you think.

Regina Carey, M.Ed., founder of Carey On, LLC, provides a wide range of services in Okemos, Mich. to clients seeking lifestyle advice, including personal coaching, job coaching, motivational speaking and customized education.

Every day, however, she also finds the time to educate herself through podcasts, videos and audiobooks, dedicated to practicing what she preaches — even if it’s to the choir.

“The hardest part is living what I teach. I encourage my clients to live their lives to the fullest, and I better be doing it [too]. I have to keep reminding myself, I have access to the best coach I know.”

Carey owes much of her success to her friend, who, in December 2014, asked her a question that changed her life: what was she really doing with her creative energy?

“It stopped me dead in my tracks. I wasn’t doing what I knew I could be doing,” said Carey.

After that, Carey made it a monthly goal to do something she was always previously scared to do; no matter what, she would face her fears and make it happen. She went to the Okemos library, wrote out her De-“Fine” Yourself® personal proposal, and the rest is history.

“I ended up trademarking that phrase. The reason I call it De-“Fine,” is because women often tell people that we are fine. We [people] don’t ask for support, especially women. When you get a group of women together, you share this commonality that you are not alone,” Carey said.

Her passion comes to life from the keen recognition of how a little bit of belief in someone is enough to motivate him/her into action. There’s no secret recipes or hidden insights in improving the lives of others: One must decide at every interaction, to make a conscious choice to uplift others. For Carey, and considering her drive to constantly learn, it turns out that coaching goes beyond a title.

“I’ll have clients sit down with me and be unsure about themselves. The minute I make eye contact, smile and use encouraging words their entire outlook shifts to a more positive and hopeful one.” said Carey.

Carey’s coaching goal is to help clients internalize positive messages and draw on them when they need it. But she never thought she would stay in Michigan, because she was already on the move every few years due to her husband’s career. The connections she’s made as a coach, however, have helped her appreciate Lansing’s hidden gems.

“I am starting to fall in love with Old Town,” she said.

Her first advice to other women on changing their lives is to listen to their bodies. Change starts from within, and the body often doesn’t hesitate to tell you exactly what you need to know if you take some time to listen.

“It’s usually a sense of something that’s not right when you’re ready for change — trust that sensation and move on it. Part of the fear of change is we have to let things go,” Carey said. “When we embrace the change, we feel happier. Our bodies feel better, and we start to attract similar people to us. These are the new teachers on our journey!”