Walk This Way

Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker? ~ Garth Nix

We are creatures of habit, in our homes, our professions, even our relationships. So when life comes at us with unforeseen twists, it often forces us onto a new path. Initially, we may feel wary about the shift. We look for anything familiar to help with the process of acceptance. We move with more caution to prepare for the unknown.

If we trust that this path will provide new insights, beautiful views, and lessons that will prepare us for the next phase, then our curiosity piques. No need to be fearful. Perhaps this way has chosen us for what we bring to the journey and to teach us how to live…for now.

Decide to move forward each day, whether the path is familiar or not. The way we grow is by trusting the experiences as we traverse. The people, the places, the sorrow and the joy.

Make it a strong day!