Not Enough Time!

How did it get so late so soon? ~ Dr. Seuss

Time passes quickly. We use watches, Fitbits, phones, and clocks to help us gauge our schedules to no avail. We lose time. We fight time. We curse time. We chase time.

Struggling with how best to use it is one of the bigger challenges. Our schedule is evidence of our self-worth. How are you feeling about YOU? Are you on your schedule for quiet time, planning time, exercise time, or down time? We put our time toward our priorities, and it’s time to start making yourself a priority!

When we drain every bit of our energies out toward work, family, volunteering, and home responsibilities, we become more visibly anxious and easily overwhelmed. Decide to take some control over your time this week. And when someone asks you to do something, say, “I’m already BOOKED!” (read: making time for me)

Make it a strong day!