Watch Your Step!

“Oh, SNAP!” ~ Marleigh, 5 years old

While on a walk with my nieces this weekend, Miss Marleigh stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and exclaimed, “Oh, SNAP!” This was not a typical upset in the path. It looked more like a tectonic plate shift and there was no way to avoid it. Thank goodness the stroller had all-terrain, shock absorbent wheels!

Moving through our day requires some awareness of the bumps in the road – a timing issue, GPS reroutes, distractions, or interactions that leave us frustrated and unable to move forward. Sometimes we can see them coming and prepare accordingly; most of the time, we’re reacting to circumstance.

When bumps in the road come along today, pause for a minute before proceeding. Give yourself time to choose how to go around, under, through or over it. These things tend to be mico-blessings, keeping us safe, informed, and thoughtful. Respond accordingly – with gratitude – because tripping hurts.

Make it a strong day!