Red Light-Green Light!

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. ~Pablo Picasso

Remember the game Red Light-Green Light? One kid would be the “Officer” who called out “green light!” and the others would sprint to tag him/her; then “red light” and we’d have to stop in our tracks. Caught moving and we were OUT! This continued until someone got to the Officer and became the new person in charge. The energy associated with that game was phenomenal! Hearts pounding and out of breath!

As children, we learn to follow rules of games and then of life. We know that in order to do powerful work, we may have to break a rule or two. That could be as brave as creating a ruckus to be noticed or as bold as to use our voice even though we grew up being told to be quiet all the time. Breaking the rules is relative. And necessary.

Today, I’m calling “GREEN LIGHT!” Sprint! Leap! Take a running shot at your Vision! It’s possible, and it’s necessary! If you hit a red light, remember that it’s temporary, so use it to catch your breath. Then run like your life depends on it!

Make it a strong day!