Unlock Your Stuff!

“Your uniqueness is the master key that unlocks the hidden treasures of your lifetime.” ~ Bryant McGill

We may not be standing in front of a wall of lockers as we begin our day, but we all make a daily choice – a) come at life with everything we are and everything we have


b) lock up parts of ourselves and our capabilities out of fear that they’re not good enough…yet.

It gets expensive to keep holing away our gifts, our vulnerability, our ideas day after day. In the evening, we go back to retrieve those things wondering if it made a difference. Sometimes we lose the key or forget where we stored everything and then fear it could be gone forever.

Our lockers vary in size, purpose, construction, and security. How much are YOU locking up each day? What’s the reason for keeping these things from the world? Is the integrity of your locker strong or is it beginning to crumble? Does it require a simple key or an armed guard to get in? Come ON! It’s time to unlock your stuff! Lockers get smelly after awhile.

Make it a strong day!