Breathe With It!

We are here to make a difference…

When was the last time you blew bubbles? My opportunity was yesterday and it never gets old – so many ways to create the temporary pieces of art! It all boils down to how the air gets through. Do we want to create a lot of little or one of big? There are benefits to both.

Every single day, we can choose what kind of impact we’ll have on the world, in our profession, with our family, inside our own heads. We can be strong and wild and impulsive, creating a lot of great conversations and designs and ideas. We can be gentle and tame and contemplative, creating one big idea, invention, or system. Any method we choose requires breath.

Remember to breathe into the work you do today. Holding it, stifling it, suppressing it in any way interferes with our impact. You have many gifts to share. Start by providing your mind, body and spirit with the fuel for the work – a nice deep breath. Imagine the possibilities!

Make it a strong day!