Choose Wisely

Saying “Yes” to one thing means saying “No” to another.

Not sure who said that, but it will forever ring true in my life. The younger me said “Yes!” to a lot of opportunities. It was easier because life was not as full as it is now. Saying yes meant I lost a bit of sleep or didn’t get my laundry done. Now, saying yes to one thing and not another means I may not get to spend time with someone I love or share in an experience that I would really enjoy. It’s tough and uncomfortable and even heart wrenching at times to choose one thing in your life over another.

This week as you look at your calendars and determine your time allocations, I encourage you to make certain to say yes to at least three things that really matter: your Friends, your Family, and Yourself. Take a deep breath and schedule coffee with a friend, an athletic event with your child, a date with your partner, and even a walk with your dog. These are the meaningful uses of your time. The office meetings and home projects are important, and they won’t go anywhere – remember that. In the meantime, living things change. (I learned that after spending time studying for a Science test with my son.)

Make it a strong day!