Reframing Dread

“I’ve developed a new philosophy…I only dread one day at a time.” ~ Charlie Brown

Dread is defined as terror or apprehension as to something in the future: to be reluctant to do, meet, or experience. It is certainly an emotion with which everyone is familiar. We may feel dread because of our patterns, the “been there, done that” mentality associated with an unpleasant first experience. We may dread because of fear of the unknown – not knowing what to expect, how to behave, or what to say in a new situation. No matter, dread feels uncomfortable. There is not one positive sensation that accompanies this emotion. Now what would happen if we neutralized DREAD with POSSIBILITY?

This week, I encourage you to ask the question, “What if…”

“What if I walked in with my head held high and a smile on my face?” “What if I see someone I know who can sit with me and help calm my anxiety?” “What if everything goes exactly the way I want it to go?” What if?

Make a game of it. See what happens to the uncomfortable sensations in your body. See what happens to the headache, the nausea, the terrified look on your face…you know what? They may begin to weaken and the corners of your mouth may contort into a smirk – the one that assures you that everything is going to be okay. You have exactly what you need TODAY to deal with your situation – this situation called LIFE!

You have more power than that which is unknown. Anything is possible today! What if you have the best day of your life? You may spend the day, instead, in amazement!

Make it a strong day!