Back In Action!

Coming back after a vacation – no matter a weekend or a week – feels like waking up after a nice, long nap. Getting away from home provided a respite from daily chores, but even better was freeing myself of technology – not a computer, nor a phone! And guess what? The world didn’t end; in fact, it expanded. I noticed more life around me – sounds, smells, and sights that tend to pass by at any given moment were more pronounced, more enjoyable, and more beautiful. Really attending to my senses enhanced the experiences in my life. That was a cool sensation!

Take time to get away. Take time to notice more than a screen. Make it a priority, because on the other side you will be rejuvenated, ready for a challenge, and even more thoughtful and creative! You’re worth it. And so are the people in your life. They deserve a renewed YOU!