Who is Carey On?

Carey On is the intentional outcome of a lifelong passion for education, invisible disabilities, empowerment, and leaving the world better than I found it.

I am Regina Carey.



Overcome Fears and Take Action!

Make A Splash! Offers actionable advice to empower individuals to move forward. Readers are encouraged to choose strategies based on where they are in their own journey.



Are You Ready?!

Regina Carey’s new Methodology brings women to the edge of what’s POSSIBLE in their lives! Plyovation teaches women how to live a heart-centered life and work from heart-centered intentions. It’s time to LEAP!



It’s Time!

What in the world is passion instigation? It’s starting emotional, spiritual, and mental fires to get life moving again! It’s coming to me with your desires and us working the strategies, energies and risks to get to the end goal. It’s learning how to see the possibilities and raise up the self-worth and healing that it takes to reach that height!


Want to start running again? Let’s go!
Learn how to use your unique voice? Let’s hear it!
Be more professional? Let’s brainstorm!
Love on yourself? Let’s schedule it!
Enhance your relationships? Let’s make it a priority!
Increase your income? Let’s create abundance!
If you have passion that is ready to ROAR, let’s get to work!


What a lovely first meeting – wonderful people and so varied in experience!


This discussion is just what I needed during this phase in my life – a time of evolution and redefining my purpose. I’m all ears, spirit and hope!


Hearing other people talk about their issues and being able to bounce ideas off each other was the most beneficial piece of the process for me!


Every woman is so inspiring!


I loved experiencing the room full of “Woman Power” and being a part of it!


I loved the support and great ideas that I got from a group of people with varied backgrounds. Also, knowing that I was going to meet with them the next week gave me incentive to get some of the things done that we had talked about.


With her compassionate, individualized and holistic coaching, Regina helped me manage my ADD symptoms and keep moving forward in my graduate studies through serious health issues, an abusive marriage, subsequent divorce, and a move overseas. She helped me work through many major life decisions with unconditional encouragement and a treasure chest of tips, systems, and resources. I would say that she saved me, although Regina would probably give me all the credit, which is exactly what makes her a great coach! She never stopped believing in me, and because of her coaching, I’m making great progress in believing in myself too. Thank you Regina!


Thank you for all of your support and your example of a life lived fearlessly!


For me today was very motivating – the group connections and, Reg, your creative coaching and information. Thanks to all!


Have fairly recently changed work structures and haven’t yet built support systems that fit new location and schedule. Family is some distance away. Having this community in addition to local one seems to be evolving into a practical, mutually supportive and informative network. I’m grateful and glad to be a participant.


So much good in such a short time. You are truly amazing at what you do Regina.


I wanted to tell you all how inspiring you are and how much I have enjoyed the energy of these meetings with you. My goals to organize and share my work have set me on quite the adventure and your encouragement and ideas have helped me a lot!


After 2 years searching, 15+ interviews, being 45+ years in age, it actually happened – I found my dream job! Thank you for the opportunity to complete my first storyboard. I had never done one before. I think it was just the type of positive affirmation I needed.


Thank you for including me! I was touched by what the other women shared. So many of us feel very similar at what I think of as a transitional time in life — what most people call “middle age”. Our children are growing up and moving on, the roles we have with our parents is starting to reverse, and we are reflective about what we want our legacy to be to the world. Just hearing that many women share my thoughts, questions, excitement, and fear about “what’s next” touched me.


You rocked today, Sister! What an incredible turn out! Thought everything went fabulous and loved everything you said and the beautiful messages you were giving us. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do this for us women! You are a wonderful gift to this world!


I am taking your suggestions seriously and am avoiding “just” and “fine.”


Your workshop was uplifting and enjoyable. Thanks again!


LOVED Regina’s words of wisdom!


Regina is AMAZING!


Happier and Healthier than I’ve been in months! Thank you!



We Found Our Power With Carey On